SPREAD THE WORD! The Media is Hiding These 11 Unbelievable Things Trump Did in 100 Days

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April 29, 2017 marks President Trump’s 100th day as our President, Patriots!  The media wants the country and the world to think Trump has been a failure during this time, but NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH!

Of course, ya’ll know the media spreads FAKE NEWS every day.  But we are here to fix that, and we are asking every one of our readers to SHARE this out everywhere, so even Trump sees it and knows how proud we are that he is OUR PRESIDENT! 

Here is what Trump  has accomplished in only 100 Days:

  1. Illegal immigration is DOWN  67%!
  2. Allied spending is UP $10 billion!
  3. Trump’s nominee, Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch, was sworn in as Supreme Court Justice!
  4. In just ONE month since he’s been president, 298,000 NEW JOBS were added!
  5. President Trump has had successful, important meetings with many foreign leaders, including the Chinese President and Japan’s Prime Minister, and more!
  6. The U.S. Stock Market has had multiple record highs since Trump’s inauguration!
  7. U.S. debt has decreased by $100 billion!
  8. Housing sales are RED HOT!
  9. President Trump has signed MANY executive orders, to get his, and OUR,  goals met.  See the complete list of Presidential actions at WhiteHouse.gov.
  10. President Trump is leading the march in standing up to Kim Jung-Un of N. Korea and to chemical weapons attacks in Syria.
  11. President Trump has made Americans aware (those of us that are paying attention, anyway), that the mainstream media has been selling LIES and FAKE NEWS for too long!  (h/t Gateway Pundit)

Wow!  What a list!  And all in just 100 days!  Let’s get this list SHARED so many times it gets back to President Trump!!!

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